10 Signs of Cocaine Use to Watch For


It’s estimated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that about 14 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older have explored using cocaine once or more in their lives.

Do you know what signs to look for?

If your child or good friend was suffering from addiction, would you notice soon enough to help them out?

Learning the signs of cocaine use to watch for can save lives.

An estimated 6,000 Americans die each year from cocaine abuse, meaning that every single one of those deaths could have been prevented. If you familiarize yourself with the signs of cocaine use, you just might spot someone’s addiction soon enough to spare them from becoming a statistic.

10 Top Signs of Cocaine Use

The signs of drug use are often subtler than you expect. But, once you know what to look for it can be easier to notice if someone is trying to hide their cocaine habit from you. Below are ten common signs of cocaine use to look for.

  1. If someone doesn’t want you to know they are using cocaine, they are likely to disappear for periods of time and return in dramatically different moods, usually acting more confident, energetic, and talkative.
  2. People on cocaine often have little appetite for food, even in party settings where everyone else is eating.
  3. Cocaine use is connected with erratic sleep patterns and even no sleep at all.
  4. Traces of white powder around someone’s nose is a telltale sign of cocaine use.
  5. Diluted pupils and overly sensitive eyes are a classic sign of cocaine.
  6. Runny noses and frequent nosebleeds might be a sign that someone is regularly snorting cocaine.
  7. Track marks from needles on arms, legs, hand, neck or feet is a sign of injecting coke (or other drugs).
  8. Frequently leaving a social event for extended periods is a sign of cocaine use, as the drug’s effects only last for up to an hour.
  9. Lack of concern for personal appearance is often attributed to cocaine use.
  10. Inexplicable weight loss, mood swings, and risky behavior in people that don’t typically experience them are all potential signs of cocaine use.

Seek Cocaine Treatment at Revive Detox

If you suspect that there is someone you care about who has fallen victim to cocaine addiction we can provide the professional care necessary to help them combat their addiction for good, ensuring that you can take comfort knowing you are doing everything possible to help them reclaim their lives.

Please contact us as soon as you can to learn more about our programs. The life of someone you care about might depend on it.