Comprehensive Addiction Recovery: From Detox to Aftercare

With so many facilities for medical detox, inpatient addiction treatment, and outpatient drug rehab, some LA treatment centers offer a more comprehensive approach…

Quality care during medical detox: Whether in a traditional hospital setting, or in a sub-acute, clinical, residential-type setting, the detox stage of addiction treatment must be done with a professional health care team. At a minimum, this team should include the physician, nurse(s), and emergency medical technicians, because the medical detox stage of addiction treatment can be life threatening—especially if the patient is detoxing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and some other categories of drugs.

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How Long Should I Be In An Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

With so many drug and alcohol addiction relapses, many wonder about what would be the most effective length of stay at a drug rehab treatment program…

Inpatient drug rehab programs vary in length depending on duration of drug or substance use, type of drugs/alcohol involved, underlying mixed diagnoses involved, age, and gender. It is important in residential addiction rehab to pre-screen those seeking sobriety for all the aforementioned details.

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Top Quality Medical Detox & Addiction Treatment in California

Finding a drug rehab in Southern California that offers luxury, private and holistic recovery services without forsaking quality, effective addiction treatment

You are serious about your need for drug rehab, but you want an addiction center in the Los Angeles area that’s private. You want the highest-quality medical detox, but you want it coupled with a holistic approach—diet, exercise, lifestyle. You get that this is drug rehab; still, you wouldn’t mind a little luxury, such as a spa-like setting that is calming and nurturing.

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