Is Addiction a Disease? How Modern Science Is Revolutionizing Substance Abuse Treatment

addiction disease

There has been a lot of debate about the nature of addiction.

Is it simply a lack of willpower to overcome your own inclinations and desires to use again that’s responsible? Is it some kind of moral failing that prevents you from shunning these addictive substances forever?

Or, as modern research has come to show, is addiction a disease instead – one that is both physical and mental and should be treated like any other malady?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Current Drug Epidemic in America

drug epidemic in america

We are in the middle of one of the worst health crises our country has ever seen. And it’s all because of opioids.These highly addictive and exceptionally potent substances have seen a dramatic and sudden upsurge in use over the past few decades. They have killed more people through overdoses than car crashes or guns and annually leave more users dead than the total number U.S. military deaths during the Vietnam War.

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The Truth About Alcohol Withdrawal

alcohol withdrawal0

After you make the decision that you will no longer drink, the next step on the road to recovery is going through alcohol withdrawal. For some people, this is the most taxing part of the journey. However, by better understanding what alcohol withdrawal entails, you’ll have an easier time preparing for it and anticipating what to expect.

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