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At Revive, we understand the complexities behind the worlds of drug addiction, alcoholism and so forth.  Many years of training and expertise show us that no two individuals are alike, especially when it comes to chemical dependency!  Factor in the addict’s personal history, genetics and patterns of drug abuse, and it can make matters all the more complicated.

We provide the following list of resources as being credible sources for additional information relating to all matters of substance abuse and detoxification.  The reason for this is because we understand the importance of remaining informed.  We also understand the need for options, especially when being involved within a world you may not have much expertise in.

Though there are limited options when in need of quality medical drug or alcohol detox, there in fact many online resources that can offer additional information.  Certain sites may focus on specific substances like heroin, pain pills, Vicodin, Xanax or any number of others out there, although many do provide general information that can be applied to many situations.  Please understand this however, we caution you not to believe everything you read online.  What might at first appear to be an unbiased article on medical detox or drug rehab, for instance, may in fact turn out to be and advertisement.

Revive Detox Center offers the resource links below as a community service based on our experience; this page is in no way intended to be an official endorsement or promotion of any kind.

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