Medical Detox and Suboxone for Executives and Luxury Seekers

Medical Detox and Suboxone for Executives and Luxury Seekers

Those in need of medical detox from drug addiction or alcoholism may seek executive, holistic or luxury services, yet often times struggle to find such facilities.

Perhaps the most important question regarding medical detox is whether you need detoxification for your drug addiction or alcoholism. I get it, you are a busy executive and don’t think you have the luxury of taking time off to detox and address your substance abuse issue.

Some executives believe that they can just spend some time in a drug rehab center (inpatient or outpatient treatment center) and that will do the trick. Truth be told, their chances of relapse increase when they do not choose to start their recovery process with a detoxification program that is medically supervised, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a luxury or executive type of environment, or otherwise…

Your drug of choice may have been benzo’s (benzodiazepine), the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States (valium, Xanax), or scotch. These narcotics are the most abused drugs and cause for the widespread substance abuse epidemic. You may have started with a prescription for your back or neck pain and now you find yourself scouring the streets for more to mask your pain. Or perhaps you eased your troubles with alcohol, thinking it was innocently easing your sorrows, unknowingly leading you down a path to addiction.

You’re hooked and your drug addiction is now getting in the way of your work and relationships. Furthermore, your substance abuse can lead to medical issues. Alcoholism can present a host of illnesses such as alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, hypertension, gastrointestinal conditions, delirium tremens and alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Without medical attention for your substance abuse, you may be doing yourself even more harm.

Simply going to a rehab for your drug addiction will not address these medical issues.

Diagnosis, guidance and treatment by a medical doctor will ensure success for overcoming your substance abuse. Suboxone (a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone) is used to treat drug addiction from opiates (heroin) and alcoholism. It can be highly addictive and dangerous to take beyond what is prescribed by your doctor. Without medical doctors overseeing your detoxification process, the outcome may be fatal, especially when it comes to alcoholism and opiates.

Medical detox can last anywhere from 5-10 days. Choosing the right facility for your detoxification process should be suited to your personal needs. As an executive, you probably want to be in a luxury inpatient/outpatient treatment center where they can properly address your drug addiction. These days, there are more and more high end luxury detox centers catering to the needs of busy executives like yourself. If you are still unsure about medical detox, Suboxone or how to deal with your drug addiction, please reach out and contact us.

For more information on medical detox services at Revive please call us 24/7 at (844) 467-3848.  We also accept most private PPO medical insurance plans and provide a quick and easy online insurance verification form.


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