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The Finest in Private Licensed Detox and Treatment

It is no secret that Los Angeles, California is largely considered to be a worldwide hub for addiction detox and drug treatment services. The secret however, is that often times, being a high-end luxury facility doesn’t necessarily translate into top-tier or even effective care. In fact, many addiction detox and drug rehab centers do not carry sufficient licensing nor employ well licensed and trained staff. Even more surprising is the reality that many high-end, private detox services will actually house the client in a contracted hotel room rather than a clinical environment with 24/7 care.
For those seeking what is commonly referred to as “Executive-Level” or “Luxury” addiction detox & treatment services, Revive now offers an expanded level of care that meets this criteria. Generally viewed as being the benchmark for top-tier clinical care throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as a whole, Revive now makes it possible for this unique demographic to receive a higher level of licensed clinical care, while experiencing the finest in luxury, amenities and comforts.

Keep in mind that while Revive only uses Medically trained staff, the vast majority of drug rehab centers as well as many other detox facilities, do not. In fact, the most common type of daily staff support personnel in those facilities often consists of nothing more than “techs” with little or no addiction training whatsoever. Given the seriousness of drug addiction and the withdrawal process overall, we find that to be far insufficient and irresponsible with respect to the patient’s best interests. Detoxification from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and other such drugs is an in-depth process and unique to each individual patient. It merits assessments,  oversight and protocols that should only be directed by highly experienced treatment professionals with specialized credentials from such oversight bodies as, FDA, NIDA, ASAM and others.

A higher standard in licensed private detox…

No matter what specific needs your personal or professional lifestyle may garner, we believe that the drug & alcohol detox process must entail the very best in clinical and staff care. Yes, Revive provides expanded luxuries and privacy that are, without question, the finest in Los Angeles, however, we place the client’s individual needs far above and beyond anything else! From opiates to alcohol to any variation of chemically addictive substances, your detoxification and treatment care here will exceed that of most any other option – more information on Revive’s drug & alcohol detox services.
Revive offers various levels of care, all of which take place at our West Los Angeles, CA facility. As a luxuriously appointed residential setting however, it offers numerous added components that are rarely seen in either hospital, sober living or traditional drug treatment settings. With 24/7 care provided at the hands of a Medically trained staff our extensive array of service and ancillary options consist of:

  • Holistically based service (acupuncture, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Privacy, luxury and amenity-rich environment
  • Nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian specializing in addictions & detox
  • Chef prepared meals that meet the needs of your detoxing body, yet comforting and delicious
  • Specialized supplements
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • Family support & guidance
  • Continuation planning and ongoing recovery and treatment support services
  • Expanded concierge services as needed

Whether your needs consist of 100% privacy within an executive-level environment, or something a bit lower on the luxury spectrum, Revive more than likely is able to meet or exceed your needs. Our amazing staff will be here for you 24/7 and is always available for questions, intake information, insurance verification and much more…CALL US TODAY AND EXPERIENCE A NEW STANDARD!.

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