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About Revive

About revive detox

Addiction Detox and Treatment Care on a Whole New Level.

As Los Angeles, California’s leader in full-scale addiction and alcoholism detoxificationservices, Revive sets a whole new standard when it comes to efficacy and success. We know you are desperate for help for yourself or your loved one. Maybe you’re experiencing anxiety and even fear, making it hard to navigate the maze of information and options that leads to success in recovery. Our West Los Angeles detox center provides a top level addiction treatment program in a caring, homelike, residential atmosphere that offers vast expertise and innumerable comforts.However, before considering any course of detox, addiction treatment or anything of the sort, make sure that the “Priority-One” questions are answered…

The 4 Questions You Must Always Ask:

  • Exactly what type of care and safety will I or my loved one receive?
  • What level of professional and certified oversight will I or my loved one receive?
  • What is the difference between a bona fide sub acute addiction detox facility and others which offer such services in drug rehabs or sober living environments?
  • And most importantly…what are the long-term “success in recovery” implications when it comes to selecting a detox option?

[ REVIVE Treating a Maximum of 6 Patients at a Time ]

REVIVE Detox Accepts Many PPO Health Insurance Plans

When we set out to create Revive Detox we had one set of criteria: what type of drug and alcohol detox program would we send our own loved ones to?  Many of our staff are in recovery, we’ve been there, and we know how anxious you can be sifting through information to find the right program.  We know how much of the suffering in detox can be avoided in the right setting with the proper attention and treatment.  So what makes Revive the benchmark for top-tier addiction & alcoholism detox services throughout Los Angeles, California, and nationwide for that matter?

  • THE TEAM: Given the critical nature of the addiction detox process, Revive only utilizes Medically Trained Staff as the day to day expert support team.  Other environments, such as drug rehab centers and sober livings, are typically limited to onsite techs with minimal training and credentials.
  • THE LEADERS: With a nationally recognized team of leaders at the helm, including some of Los Angeles, California’s most highly regarded addiction experts, our service array and depth in expertise is simply unmatched.
  • THE SIZE & ENVIRONMENT: Our high-end, luxuriously appointed West LA location offers a max client roster of six (6) with a 4:1 staff/client ratio, while blending all of the addiction treatment, holistic, nutritional and personal care services that would otherwise be provided in highly equipped hospital settings.
  • ADDICTION THERAPIES: Revive offers the full array of addiction detox therapies.
  • INDEPENDENT & PATIENT-CENTERED: While most detox environments are tied in with drug treatment centers, sober livings and so on, and thus will often direct the patient’s care in a manner deemed beneficial to the business, Revive onlydirects patient care in a manner that will best serve his or her needs.

What we offer here at Revive is the full scope of detox and beyond, from A to Z.  We realize that this first step will in fact be the catalyst to what can be a lifelong foundation in sobriety. We work within all levels of chemical dependency and provide a broad and in-depth expertise that is simply second to none!  Learn much more about our various drug & alcohol detox programs as well as what sets Revive apart as Southern California’s foremost leader in the field of high-end substance abuse detox services.

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