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If you or a loved one are currently experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 before doing anything else!

There are many qualities integral to being a leading drug & alcohol addiction detox center, and availability for information and direction is definitely among them!  Revive provides 24/7 staff availability for all inquiries, whether by phone or email.  In most cases you will be speaking with a licensed addiction expert, however at times it may be one of our administrative staff in the event that an addiction specialist is not immediately available.  In such cases we are usually able to provide a quick callback within 10 to 15 minutes.To reach us by phone please call (844) 467-3848 and for email please use the confidential contact form below.

Being located in beautiful West Los Angeles, we find that at certain times clients and/or their families will prefer to come in and meet with us in person.  Whether it is to see the facility, meet our amazing staff or to maybe get a better idea of the addiction detoxification process, we absolutely welcome your visit.  Revive maintains a strict confidentiality policy and thus does not provide a physical address on this website nor by email.  You are however welcome to call and make arrangements to visit.

For immediate online information please feel free to learn more about our various drug and alcohol detox programs as well as Revive’s highly acclaimed addiction treatment, holistic and ancillary services. In addition, we also provide an online health insurance verification form which enables our VOB Team to immediately begin working on prearranging your care here.ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  We understand you’re going through a tough time right now. This is what we do, and we’re very good at it!  We’ll get you through this process and will guide into whatever future steps are decided upon by you, your family, our physicians or whomever else you would like involved in the process.  Whether you need to transition into residential drug treatment or maybe sober living after the fact, or whatever the case my be, we won’t leave your side and will provide all the information as well as benefits of each, from a completely objective point of view as if you were our own family member.

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