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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Los Angeles

The Revive Recovery Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California offers an individualized treatment approach for each client that is led by a licensed and certified team of expert doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.

Our evidence-based program focuses on the whole person and we recognize that successful recovery encompasses a physical, mental, and spiritual process of healing.

Dual Diagnosis treatment is not a new term in the field of drug addiction and mental health treatment services. However, it’s meaning is often misunderstood.

If you are struggling with a dual diagnosis condition but are confused by how it may affect you, we’ve outlined what this actually means for you in terms of treatment and recovery.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) a Dual Diagnosis, which is also known as a Co-occurring Disorder, refers to the existence of a psychiatric, mental health, or mood disorder combined with drug or alcohol substance abuse by an individual who is suffering from the symptoms of both simultaneously.

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A dual diagnosis essentially involves two different disorders that co-exist or “co-occur” together:

  1. Mental health condition like anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, Neurosis and others
  2. Substance use disorder of addiction to alcohol or drugs such as opioids, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, or other prescription medications

The needs of clients with co-occurring disorders are often more complex than those struggling with a single condition, and require specialized dual diagnosis treatment that must be managed by a skilled and dedicated clinical team.

If you have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder that requires dual diagnosis treatment program, you are not alone.

Co-occurring disorders can take many forms, and the existence of a dual disorder may have a direct and important impact on your recovery, particularly if your treatment plan involves the use of Medically Assisted Treatments. 

It is imperative that expert medical oversight remains a constant source of support throughout your recovery treatment. This ensures your individual needs and goals are met by a team of treatment professionals with a unique understanding of your particular struggles.

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What Is the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach?

The best dual diagnosis treatment approach identifies the specific needs of each client and creates a recovery plan that best addresses his or her individual circumstances, instead of using a simplified, one size fits all model.


Some people use drugs or alcohol to cope with the symptoms of a mental health condition like PTSD. The substance use may be effective for a short time, although it often develops into an addiction at some point in the future.

Others with a substance use disorder may have a long-term dependence to drugs or alcohol that manifests into a mental health condition such as depression over time.

Both of these scenarios are examples of co-occurring disorders, yet they are uniquely different in both the ways they began, and evolved over time.

One of the goals of dual diagnosis treatment is to determine the underlying causes of both the addiction and mental health issue, and utilize the most appropriate therapy methods for a successful and lasting recovery.

Before treatment begins, an assessment should be conducted to establish a personalized treatment plan to address the impact of substance abuse and the accompanying mental health condition.

This will determine the most suitable and effective treatment modalities to be used for each client based on their needs and symptoms resulting from the misuse of substances.

Certain considerations will be assessed, such as the need for detox to overcome withdrawal, medication assisted treatment, one-on-one or group therapy, and many others.

At Revive Recovery, we offer individualized programs led by experienced medical professionals who recognize the unique challenges faced by our clients in need of dual diagnosis treatment for addiction and mental health conditions.

Our clients appreciate the enormous sense of relief they experience when they receive the compassionate support from our team that allows them to identify the sources of their struggles and develop a plan to comprehensively address their issues.

Revive Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Los Angeles

The professional staff at Revive Recovery is specially trained to treat our patients holistically. We believe this is the best approach to treating people with Dual Diagnosis conditions of substance abuse and mental illness combined.

Our West Los Angeles location offers a beautiful, boutique, healing environment that caters to the needs of each unique individual and his or her personal needs and goals.

We choose to limit our census to six individuals at a time. This approach allows us to offer individualized, client-centered treatment that we believe our clients deserve.

Our services include medical treatment, detox services, nutrition therapy, emotional and psychological support, and evidence-based holistic wellness services to address each person’s individual concerns and goals through every phase of the recovery process.

To find out how our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Los Angeles can help with your addiction and mental health issues call us at (844) 467-3848.