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Total Body Restoration

(barring covid protocols)

At Revive, we incorporate a broad array of evidence-based modalities, alongside traditional Medication Assisted Treatments, in order to achieve the best possible results among our clients.  Every Revive Recovery client will have the opportunity to participate in each of our evidence-based treatment modalities (as medically appropriate), to begin and maintain their journey toward Total Body Restoration.

Revive’s carefully formulated wellness process begins with our highly qualified and experienced team of Medical Experts with specific credentialing in Addiction Medicine as well as Holistic Medicine Specialists. With each client being surrounded with the guidance and support of these dedicated professionals, Revive clients are armed with all the tools and resources possible to best serve their unique short AND long-term recovery needs from beginning to end.

Our uniquely formulated array of services may include:

  • Revive’s Signature Brain Restoration Program: Neurofeedback Therapy (*Services Not Available During Pandemic)
  • Nutritious balanced meals that meet the needs of a detoxing body, preparing meal options that can accommodate individual dietary restrictions into account, while providing comforting and delicious meals that provide nourishment toward complete wellness.
  • Nutrition oversight for every client and individual meetings, as appropriate, scheduled with our Registered Dietitian ensures special care is given to this very important aspect of your healing process.

In additional to the above listed healing modalities, clients may also choose to individually purchase additional wellness packages (outside of what insurance may not cover):

  • Comprehensive wellness laboratory exams which assess organ function, energy levels, hormonal balance and latent infection, addressing the needs of the entire body’s functioning, outside of managing the detoxification process.
  • Hydration Therapy to help restore the body’s electrolytes and bring the body into a state of equilibrium for deeper healing and comfort.
  • Holistic Supplements to aid in achieving whole-body health and wellness during the beginning stages of recovery and beyond.

Our medical professionals are committed to empowering our clients with detailed knowledge of their health, and guiding them through individual health planning, comprehensively addressing each of their health needs and concerns.