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It is no secret that Los Angeles, California is largely considered to be a worldwide hub for addiction detox and drug treatment services. The secret however, is that often times, being a high-end luxury facility doesn’t necessarily translate into top-tier or even effective care. In fact, many detox and drug rehab centers do not carry sufficient licensing nor employ well licensed and trained staff. Even more surprising is the reality that many high-end, private detox services will actually house the client in a contracted hotel room rather than a professional treatment environment with 24/7 care.

For those seeking what is commonly referred to as “Executive-Level” or “Luxury” addiction detox & treatment services, Revive now offers an expanded level of care that meets this criteria. Generally viewed as being the benchmark for top-tier care throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as a whole, Revive now makes it possible for this unique demographic to receive a higher level of licensed care, while experiencing the finest in luxury, amenities and comforts.

For those wishing to utilize their health insurance, we provide this quick, convenient and totally confidential verification of benefits form below.  Once submitted, it will be received and immediately worked on by our insurance verification team.  This is a group of industry professionals who know how to deal with health insurance providers in a manner that will help you to receive the maximum allowable benefits under your plan’s coverage.  The goal is to alleviate as much of the headache on your part as possible; we want you to be able to focus on that which is most important, yours or your loved ones health.

REVIVE Detox Accepts Many PPO Health Insurance Plans


In most cases we are able to authorize PPO health insurance plans in just a few hours, and usually with out-of-pocket deductibles as low as 1500 to 3500 dollars.  This of course has much to do with your plan’s specifics, but rest assured that we will do all we can to keep your costs as low as possible.

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All information submitted is kept 100% confidential in accordance with federal HIPAA mandates. Upon submission this information will be sent to our health insurance authorization team for immediate processing...