Addiction Treatment – What Are My Options?

The first steps you make towards recovery often define how your long-term health management will develop. At Revive Detox, we offer holistic addiction treatment options with forward planning and ongoing support.

Your health is our first concern.

Understanding Treatment Options

Treatment can take many forms depending on your individual circumstances. At Revive Detox, we offer a residential program that we limit to six patients at a time, to ensure that every client receives the appropriate care and support.

Revive Recovery offers every client the following nationally recognized treatment experience: 

  • A private, boutique, highly personalized Medical and Clinical team of skilled experts, offering 24/7 support and continual treatment planning guidance and support
  • Revive’s Signature Brain Restoration Program: Neurofeedback Therapy  *Included at your stay at Revive (barring COVID-19 protocols)
  • Nutritious, balanced meals that meet the needs of a detoxing body, preparing meal options that can accommodate individual dietary restrictions into account, while providing comforting and delicious meals that provide nourishment toward complete wellness.
  • Nutrition oversight for every client and individual meetings, as appropriate, are scheduled with our Registered Dietitian ensuring special care is given to this very important aspect of the healing process.
  • Expanded concierge wellness services if desired
  • Non 12 Step Individualized Treatment Alternatives
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Medically Assisted Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment often involves taking medication if you are recovering from opioid or alcohol addiction. There are many medications that help to ease the cravings associated with withdrawal symptoms.

The use of medication such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone simulate some of the effects of alcohol and opioids. This allows the person to focus on learning other recovery tools and methods to work alongside the medication, instead of focusing on what can be extremely unpleasant physical withdrawal.

Medically assisted treatments have developed as clinicians have begun to see addiction as an illness and not a character flaw or weakness. This has also helped change the publics attitude towards addiction sufferers and promotes wellness and understanding in the community.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Will My Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment?

Depending on your Insurance provider and policy, all or some, of your addiction treatment could be covered. Our insurance verification team can help you understand what will and will not be paid for by insurance.

At Revive Detox we don’t want you to refrain from seeking treatment because you don’t have the cash on hand. We work with a team of personal lenders who help you manage expenses and financial situations such as:

  • Insurance copay and deductibles
  • Entire cost of treatment or coinsurance portions
  • Secondary costs such as loss of income during treatment
  • Aftercare services such as private therapy, intensive outpatient rehabilitation, and sober living housing

How Long Will My Addiction Treatment Take?

Addiction treatment is an ongoing process and our clients usually work through several stages in that process. An individual assessment must be conducted with each client to determine the most appropriate treatment for them and their situation.

Most treatment programs begin with a detox and withdrawal management which may include medication. Education regarding health and lifestyle choices is included in most programs along with planning for difficult situations, risk of relapse, and planning for discharge.

At Revive Detox, we believe that as the world changes, so must addiction treatment as services, too. We offer alternatives to 12-step programs for alcohol and drug addiction as these types of treatments are not relevant for many people today.

Counseling, nutritional education and therapy, psychological and emotional support are some of the tools that we use because we know they work. Our intention is to equip our clients with the tools that will help them to not just get sober, but to stay sober.

How Do I Know If I Need Addiction Treatment?

Addiction very rarely happens overnight, and you are the only person who knows how long you have been using a substance. However, keep in mind that addiction is very different for each client. There is no way to say just how many times a person must use a substance to be considered addicted.

There are some general signs of addiction you may have noticed recently in your mood, health, or relationships.

For example, are you experiencing erratic and/or sudden mood swings?

Are you keeping secrets from family or friends and isolating yourself from family gatherings or going to work?

Have people tried to talk to you about your substance use, or have you been having problems with the law?

Are you finding it difficult to focus, concentrate, or remember things?

Your answers to these questions can help you to understand what your next step should be.

If you’re experiencing incidents of hallucinations, violent outbursts, or psychosis, we encourage you to seek help as soon as possible. Our staff at Revive Detox are available 24/7 to talk with you about your addiction treatment and needs.