Bath Salts Abuse and Addiction

Bath Salts are one of the most addictive synthetic drugs out there. They are proving to be even more addictive than methamphetamine.

Bath salts are the street name of synthetic cathinones and are a powerful stimulant like meth or cocaine. Bath salts addiction is prevalent among teens and college students who want the extra push that a stimulant drug provides.

Here we will go over everything about bath salts addiction from symptoms, to side effects, to how bath salts addiction is treated.

Bath Salts Addiction: Symptoms, Side Effects, and Treatment

To understand bath salts addiction you first have to understand the effects of bath salts. The bath salts drug effects everyone differently but can trigger an alert and stimulating high.

The downside of this drug is that it is extremely addictive. Where did bath salts come from? How do you know if you or a loved one have an addiction to bath salts? Read on to find out.

What are Bath Salts and Where Did They Come From?

Bath salts are the chemical concoction of the synthetic compounds methylone, MDPV (3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), pyrovalerone, and mephedrone. But there are many other ingredients used in addition to these, or in place of them.

Some of the bath salts seized by police, have large concentrations of caffeine in them as well. The primary ingredients in Bath Salts are the synthetic mimic of a natural hallucinogenic plant in Africa called Khat.

Bath Salts were first produced in 1920’s France by an underground pharmacist. He kept the drug in hiding realizing it’s intensity. His original recipe appeared on a website known for divulging the recipes for illicit substances in 2004.

The website was quickly taken down but a lot of the damage was already done and people had the information. Bath Salts, and other synthetic drugs, began sweeping Europe and came to the US shortly after.

In fact, you could find these drugs legally in pharmacies before people started snorting and injecting their way into eating people’s faces off. Extreme violence can be an effect of a high dose of this synthetic chemical.

Once the effects of the drug became apparent, the compounds used to create it were officially listed as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances and became illegal to buy and sell in the United States.

What are the Symptoms of Bath Salts Addiction?

If you think your loved one may be using bath salts you need to know what to look for. The most common bath salts effects are:

  • high sex drive
  • euphoria
  • exaggerated empathy
  • increased wakefulness
  • improved concentration
  • talkativeness

The user will be more erratic than normal and seem a little all over the place. Some of the symptoms of a high dose of the drug are:

  • easy agitation
  • confusion
  • psychosis (hallucinations, delusions)
  • severe irritability
  • severe panic attacks
  • paranoia
  • violent outbursts
  • insomnia

There are also some dangerous side effects to consider when using this drug. Read on to find out the most common side effects of using bath salts.

bath salts addiction side effects

What are the Side Effects of Bath Salts Addiction?

A bath salt addict could be facing a lot more than the initial high they were looking for. Pumping your body full of synthetic chemicals is never a good idea and bath salts are no different.

Some of the common side effects of the consistent use of bath salts are:

  • blood vessel constriction
  • chest pain
  • muscle spasm or tremor
  • heart attack
  • excessive sweating
  • continual pupil dilation
  • high blood pressure
  • reduced appetite
  • rapid heart rate
  • seizures
  • hyperthermia
  • death

What is the Treatment for an Addiction to Bath Salts?

Looking at the side effects and long-term effects of bath salts on an addicted user, it is important to get help right away. Bath salts do make the user develop a physical dependence on the substance.

This means that in order to kick the habit the user will have to go through a bath salts detox upon their initial entry into a drug treatment center. In some centers, they will use a medically assisted route to keep the patient comfortable during this trying process.

The only way to break the addiction is to stop using the drug long enough to release your body from its dependence on the substance. Surviving detox is the first step of the journey then the real work begins.

An addict may need to stay in treatment for a while before they feel comfortable back in the real world. It’s imperative that the patient receives counseling and tools to succeed out in the world to be able to have a successful recovery and maintain sobriety.

Bath Salts are Dangerous and Highly Addictive but Help is Out There

The impending dependency that results from these basement chemical concoctions is fast, hard-hitting, and relentless. It takes the scene by storm and steals peoples lives before they know what they’re doing.

If you think you have a bath salts addiction or you know someone, a loved one or family member, who you believe is suffering, help is out there. There are bath salts addiction treatment centers available all over the country.

Don’t try to tackle a chemical dependency like this on your own. Coming off the drug unsupervised can be just as dangerous as continuing the addiction. Find a reputable treatment center that offers medically supervised detox programs.

Still not sure if you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction? Do you know there is an addiction but you are afraid or embarrassed to talk about it with anyone? We are happy to help you get on the road to recovery.

You can contact us here any time and we can walk you through what your options are to find treatment. We can help you verify your insurance which could help with the cost and figure out which one of our many recovery programs could be of the most help to you.

Drug addiction is a hard thing to face, it’s even harder to do on your own. We see you and we want to help you put this past you and get your life back.Most PPO Health