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Borderline Personality Disorder Test – BPD Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

borderline personality disorder bpd

BPD is a mental health condition characterized by extreme fluctuations in mood and difficulties in regulating emotions. It poses a number of risks to the individual, including self-harm and suicidal behavior. If you think you may have BPD, taking a borderline personality disorder test can help you identify if you need to seek professional help. … Read more

Bottling Up Emotions & Suppressing Feelings Can Shorten Your Life

bottling up emotions

How many times have you heard these statements? “Suck it up and move on,” “Stop being so sensitive,” “Hold it together,” “Emotions are a distraction, focus on the task at hand,” or “Emotions are a sign of weakness.” If you’ve been guilty of bottling up emotions, pay attention! Keeping your feelings suppressed and pushing down … Read more

7 Famous People and Celebrities with OCD

famous people with ocd

According to the National Institute of Health, around 2.3% (approximately 5 million) of U.S. adults experience symptoms of OCD in their lifetime. Among them are famous people and celebrities with OCD whose diagnoses and stories help inspire a revolution toward destigmatization and awareness of the mental disorder. Living with OCD can be difficult. You might feel … Read more

How to Lower Cortisol Naturally to Reduce Stress

how to lower cortisol

The signs of high cortisol and how to lower cortisol naturally. We’ve all felt that rush that follows a startling or threatening situation—where your heart is racing, and you seemingly have a surge of energy coursing through your body. Maybe you were at risk of an accident. Or perhaps the pressure of meeting a deadline … Read more

20 Physical Techniques and Grounding Exercises for Anxiety

grounding exercises for anxiety

Ever felt an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or a panic attack? You’re not alone. According to one survey, 62% of people in the U.S. struggle with some degree of anxiety. Feeling anxious or experiencing a panic attack can interfere with your everyday life—and it can be tough to bounce back. But grounding techniques for anxiety … Read more

September is National Recovery Month

national recovery month

At Revive Recovery & Detox Services, we are committed to observing National Recovery Month every year. We work to recognize how far our patients have come in their recovery journey—while raising awareness of addiction and mental health within our community. Alcohol and drug abuse can have a devastating impact on affected individuals and their loved … Read more

Low Dopamine Symptoms and How to Increase Dopamine Naturally

how to increase dopamine

What is dopamine, its role in your body and how do you identify low dopamine symptoms? Learn how to increase dopamine naturally, and find out if too much of the neurotransmitter lead to addiction. Ever felt driven and motivated to achieve a certain goal? Maybe tick off your to-do list, sweat out your reps and … Read more

Famous People and Celebrities with Bipolar Disorder

famous people celebrities with bipolar disorder

With their seemingly perfect shell, it’s easy to forget that celebrities are human—and they’re at risk of health problems like everyone else. Case in point: several famous people and celebrities with bipolar disorder have gone public with their diagnosis. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that over 12 million Americans (4.4% of the … Read more

Must-Watch Movies About Depression

movies about depression

Movies About Depression that Accurately Capture the Experience Depression is real, it’s common, and it can affect people from all walks of life. Statistics show that an estimated 21 million American adults have experienced depression—making it the leading cause of disability. Unfortunately, the disorder is still plagued by stigmas, with some viewing depression as a … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Month – Importance and How to Observe It

mental health awareness month

Mental health is there, and we can see its devastating impact—but we rarely confront or address it. This is partly due to disinformation, misinformation, and stigma. But this must change. Mental health is a serious matter—and it should be treated as such. Raising awareness is an important stepping stone on the road to recovery, a … Read more