What is Dry January? Benefits & How to Succeed for Long-Term Health

dry January

Looking to reset after a festive season of too much celebratory bubbly? Or are you concerned about your problematic drinking? Whatever your motivation, you can kick off the year on a healthy note by taking part in Dry January. If you’re wondering what is Dry January, it’s an annual tradition that challenges you to kick … Read more

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – 8 Strategies

how to stop drinking alcohol

Deciding to stop drinking alcohol is a significant and often difficult decision, but it can have numerous benefits for your physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. If you’re struggling with an alcohol addiction and want to quit or simply want to cut back on your drinking, there are several strategies you … Read more

Heroin Chic – A Looming Health Tragedy Masquerading as a Fashion Trend

heroin chic

Whether we like to admit it or not, fashion sways our viewpoints. How we feel about ourselves and others is sometimes influenced by emerging trends or nostalgic resurgences of the past. But while fashion is meant to convey optimism, this is not always the case. The pendulum of fashion, at times, swings dramatically between ecstatic … Read more

What is Fentanyl – A Prescription Medication Turned Deadly Drug Threat

fentanyl drug

Fentanyl—a synthetic opioid prescribed by doctors for severe pain management—is threatening to be the deadliest drug threat in the United States. And emerging trends suggest that the potentially lethal drug is being illicitly manufactured and distrusted to young people in a candy-like form. According to an August 2022 warning issued by the U.S. Drug Enforcement … Read more

Side Effects of Marijuana / Weed

side effects of marijuana

Marijuana goes by many names, with weed and pot being the most common. Other slang terms include dope, Mary Jane, grass, ganja, hashish, bhang, bud, joint, blunt, herb, and doobie. Cannabis may give off the impression of a fun, cool, and harmless recreational substance—but it’s far from it. With many Americans increasingly taking little issue … Read more

Lexapro and Weed or Lexapro and Alcohol – Can You Mix?

lexapro and weed alcohol 1

Every time your doctor prescribes a medication, it’s important to consider how it may impact your lifestyle. Are you on other prescription meds? Or do you use any recreational drugs? Think about how they might interact. ie. Lexapro and weed or Lexapro and alcohol. This article will draw attention to the antidepressant Lexapro and its … Read more

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

alcohol awareness month april

April is Alcohol Awareness Month! It’s a month to stop and call out alcohol as the silent killer it is. This is especially important in a society that blindly glorifies alcoholism. Booze adverts are everywhere. Hollywood and the entertainment industry continue to romanticize excessive alcohol consumption. Social media feeds are littered with people proudly capturing … Read more