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Alternative Therapies for Drug Addiction Recovery

alternative therapies for drug addiction recovery

Drug addiction can be a complex and difficult disease to overcome. Traditional addiction treatments may not be suitable for everyone, and there’s a growing interest in complementary and alternative therapies for drug addiction recovery. These alternative approaches address the underlying causes of addiction through non-traditional methods therefore offering individuals additional options for treatment and support. … Read more

30 Inspirational Sobriety and Addiction Recovery Quotes for Your Journey

recovery quotes

Are you facing the challenges of addiction? If you’re on the path to recovery and sobriety, you understand that it’s a demanding journey. The process of rehabilitation is filled with physical and psychological obstacles, from uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms to the feeling of despair and failure if you happen to relapse. Drug and alcohol addiction is … Read more

Sober October: A Guide to a Healthier, Alcohol-Free Month

sober october

Sober October has gained significant popularity in recent years as a unique and health-conscious challenge. This alcohol-free month allows individuals to step away from the temptation of social drinking and experience the benefits of sobriety. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what Sober October is, how you can participate, its origin, and essential tips … Read more

M366 White Pill and M367 White Oval Pill – Are They Dangerous?

m366 m367 white pill

They’re little, white, oblong pills. It’s the M366 White Oval Pill and the M367 White Oval Pill and you if find these but don’t have a prescription for them, you should be suspicious. They have M366 or M367 etched into the pills and you’re not sure what they are. You’ve just found them stashed somewhere … Read more

Understanding Dry Drunk Syndrome and Finding Lasting Recovery

dry drunk syndrome

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is struggling with alcohol addiction? Have you noticed changes in their behavior even though they’ve stopped drinking? In this article, we’ll shed light on “Dry Drunk Syndrome” and guide you towards long-term treatment solutions for individuals dealing with alcohol addiction. The Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse … Read more

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System: Blood, Urine & Hair

how long does weed stay in your blood stream

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana, responsible for the euphoric “high” that users experience. If you’re wondering how long THC and weed stay in your system, including your bloodstream, urine, and hair, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find the factors affecting the duration of THC presence and provide insights … Read more

Flexeril and Cyclobenzaprine: Misuse, Risks, and Addiction

Flexeril Cyclobenzaprine High

Are you, or someone you know abusing Cyclobenzaprine to get high? Drugs like Flexeril are commonly misused recreationally and can lead to addiction. Drug addiction can come in many forms from a variety of sources. Though some addictions start on the street, many begin within the home with prescription medications. Addiction research estimates that 18 million … Read more

MDA Drug vs MDMA Drug : The Difference Between Molly & Sally

mda drug

Recognizing the differences and similarities of MDMA and MDA DRUG can be vital in identifying addiction. These street drugs are commonly used by young adults and teenagers.  MDMA and MDA drugs are accessible as a tablet and can be acquired for $20 to $30 on average. MDA Drug vs. MDMA Drug: Knowing the Difference and … Read more

Trazodone High : Risks and Side Effects


Like all medications, Trazodone can be helpful for certain conditions but can also be open to abuse. It may not be the first drug that comes to mind when you think of drug misuse, but a Trazodone High can be just as potent as any other. It’s a relatively common misconception to associate drug abuse and the … Read more