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Detox Program Options and Available Services

Revive is unique among drug & alcohol detoxification programs for many reasons. Our program and facility is entirely client centric, and because we work with only six clients at a time, we provide the continuous monitoring and compassionate attention that is necessary for a successful withdrawal process, one that will meet or exceed your needs from day-one! Whether your withdrawal consists of one chemical in particular or a combination of several, our expansive expertise and world class treatment team are what enables Revive to set a whole new standard for care here in the West Los Angeles area.

Led by nationally acclaimed addiction experts with added specialties and certifications within the scope of substance abuse and detox, Revive continually generates above average results when it comes to both, the short and long-term barometers for success in sobriety.But why? Why are clients at Revive Recovery more likely to succeed when it comes not just to length of sobriety, but more importantly, quality of sobriety? This is why.

Which substances does Revive specialize in?

Unlike detox services offered at most residential drug rehab centers (here in Los Angeles as well as nationwide), Revive provides a substantially higher level of care across the board.  In many instances, going through the withdrawal process in a residential treatment type setting means compromising on both, quality of care as well as depth in experience and credentialing.  Even more critical however, is the reality that certain classifications of drugs have the potential to create life-threatening scenarios during the withdrawal process, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines (Xanax & Valium), for instance.

Keep in mind that while Revive only uses Medically Trained staff, the vast majority of drug rehab centers as well as many other detox facilities, do not. In fact, the most common type of daily staff support personnel in those facilities often consists of nothing more than “techs” with little or no training whatsoever. Given the seriousness of drug addiction and the withdrawal process overall, we find that to be far insufficient and irresponsible with respect to the patient’s best interests. Detoxification from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and other such drugs is an in-depth process and unique to each individual patient. It merits assessments, oversight and protocols that should only be directed by highly experienced treatment professionals with specialized credentials from such oversight bodies as, FDA, NIDA, ASAM and others.<

“Doing Detox Responsibly”
Over the years, we have seen and heard of many occasions of patients experiencing catastrophic consequences resulting from detox in ill-equipped environments, most often of which being traditional inpatient or residential drug rehab settings. Given Revive’s higher level environment, we are able to provide the full scope of sub-acute detoxification services for all drug and alcohol addictions. This includes everything from heroin and narcotic pain pills to alcohol, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, cocaine/crack-cocaine and so on.

  • Crystal Meth Addiction
  • Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Addiction
  • Opiate and Narcotic Pain pill Addiction
  • Benzo (Xanax, Valium, etc.) Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Opiate/Opioid Addiction
  • Alcoholism and Abuse
  • Bath Salts, MDMA and Club Drugs
  • Marijuana Addiction

Revive Recovery offers every client the following nationally recognized treatment experience: 

  • A private, boutique, highly personalized Medical and Clinical team of skilled experts, offering 24/7 support and continual treatment planning guidance and support
  • Revive’s Signature Brain Restoration Program: Neurofeedback Therapy  (Included at your stay at Revive (barring COVID-19 protocols)
  • Nutritious balanced meals that meet the needs of a detoxing body, preparing meal options that can accommodate individual dietary restrictions into account, while providing comforting and delicious meals that provide nourishment toward complete wellness.
  • Nutrition oversight for every client and individual meetings, as appropriate, are scheduled with our Registered Dietitian ensuring special care is given to this very important aspect of the healing process.
  • Expanded concierge wellness services if desired

THE REALITY IS THIS: The methods and approaches in how a patient detoxes will, without question, set the stage for their sobriety from that point forward. At Revive we operate on this basis and as a result, we as a staff and as a program get to experience higher than average success rates when it comes to clients achieving success in recovery over the long-term. If you’re ready to experience “Los Angeles, California’s Premier Addiction Detox Solution,” then we invite you to call us 24/7 or simply fill out the confidential form at the bottom of this page.