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Detox from Bath Salts

The Full Array of Detox Services for Bath Salts and Club Drugs

The detox process from bath salts and other club drugs like MDMA (Ecstacy), LSD, GHB, etc., can be very unique depending on the individual, as well as the unique mixture of drugs which he or she is abusing. One of the main issues with this class of substances is that there is much less consistency in how they’re made. Since they are mainly produced at the street level, there remains added variables to consider and thus, it is extremely important that the patient is under the proper level of care.

Their common street names consist of: Vanilla Sky, Bliss, White Knight, Ivory Wave and others. Bath salts officially became designated as illegal in 2012 and often times resemble white or light crystalline substances like methamphetamine and powder cocaine. It is very easy to develop a strong addiction to bath salts and the withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable. These are entirely synthetic compounds which can pose immense health risks on a number of levels!.

At Revive, we approach this particular type of detox from a broad perspective. For those addicted to bath salts, we initially conduct very comprehensive screenings in order to obtain accurate panels. From this point forward, we create an entirely customized holistic detoxification approach. The objective extends beyond simply achieving a sense of physical and emotional comfort. Our ultimate objective is to ensure normalcy on all levels in order to best prepare them for ongoing sobriety.

Revive remains far more than an addiction treatment center, in fact we employ a broad array of approaches and consistently strive to reach new heights in recovery services which exceed industry standards. Examples of what we offer here include:

  • An acclaimed team of specialized addiction detox experts and support staff
  • Holistically based service (acupuncture, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian specializing in addictions & detox
  • Nutritious balanced meals that meet the needs of your detoxing body, yet comforting and delicious
  • Specialized supplements
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • Family support & guidance
  • Continuation planning and ongoing recovery support services

Equally important is the reality that while most drug rehab style detox centers utilize basic “techs” as their clinical support staff, Revive only uses medically trained staff. This is of course in addition to our nationally acclaimed team of substance abuse & detox experts. We believe that, and experience has shown, that the dangers inherent to the detox process undoubtedly merit a higher quality of onsite professional staff.

Success in detox and recovery from bath salts…

Revive works with unlimited variations of addictive substances. And while we are considered to be among Los Angeles, California’s higher-end and luxurious-type facilities, our quality of care likewise, consistently exceeds industry standards. We see many instances of complex addictions involving bath salts and other common club drugs that entail broad variations in composition.

This is, without question, the “Gold Standard” in sub-acute addiction detoxification services. No matter what combination of drugs or alcohol the patient may be on, we are fully equipped to address and resolve the patient’s needs on multiple levels. Welcome to Revive…

Welcome to Revive…

The full scope of leading detox services for those seeking help with all variations of drugs and alcohol…call today and create a new launching pad into quality, lifelong sobriety!