How Long to Detox from Alcohol: Everything You Need to Know


Considering its prevalence in the world today, maybe it’s hardly surprising that alcohol is one of the most significant sources of substance abuse in the world today.

An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related reasons every year in the United States, making it the third most common form of preventable death across the country.

Worst of all, alcohol dependency can lead to long-lasting physical and psychological health problems that can severely impact your quality of life. If you feel like you are becoming too dependent on alcohol today, the time might be coming to complete a detox.

If you are wondering how long to detox from alcohol, this article will share with you what you need to know.

Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

Deciding to give up alcohol is an essential first step, but you might not be aware of the strength of your withdrawal symptoms when you first begin.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal often occur within eight hours of your last drink and can go on for weeks. This is because detoxing from alcohol causes your body to struggle to function without a substance it is long used to depending on, which can lead to a range of debilitating withdrawal symptoms, including the following:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • headaches

What to Expect from Alcohol Detox

Everyone’s experience with alcohol detox is different, meaning that it’s hard to predict facts like how long to detox from alcohol will take you.

Generally, the intensity of someone’s withdrawal symptoms is directly connected to how severe and long-lasting their addiction was. The strongest symptoms of alcohol withdrawal often will begin to fade after five days of detox, though many can take a week or longer.

However, detoxing from alcohol is just the beginning.

Learning to live without substance dependence in your life will become a lifelong journey that you will always be working towards.

Why Should You Detox from Alcohol with Professionals?

Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances in the world today, and the detox process often isn’t any safer. In fact, the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are occasionally life-threatening, so it’s important to be under professional medical supervision for much of the process.

A health expert will also be able to evaluate you for any psychological factors that can trigger severe alcohol dependence since they often will complicate and prolong your recovery if you don’t address them directly.

Many detox facilities will help you through the process by assessing your psychopathy and help you detox safely and in a manageable way.

To get the help you need to give up alcohol for good, please call Revive Detox at (844) 467-3848. We’ve helped thousands of people live their best lives free of substance abuse, and we are here to help you detox from alcohol and anything else you are dealing with. Please contact us today for more information on getting sober, safely.