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Detox from Marijuana & THC Consumables in Los Angeles, CA

According to a 2014 SAMSHA study, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. When you factor in variables like legalization, new-age consumables such as bars, drinks, confections, etc., along with its tremendous increase in potency over recent years, it is easy to understand how so many individuals are becoming addicted. What used to be a low-level high as compared to other harsher street drugs is now a substantially stronger and far more addictive scenario.

Marijuana, commonly referred to as weed, kush, herb and so forth, is unique in that, it is absorbed by the body’s fat cells and thus remains in the system for substantially longer than other drugs, such as opiates, heroin, cocaine and meth. While the physical withdrawal symptoms are far less intense than heroin and alcohol, for instance, there can often be a long-term effect that causes apathy, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and a general lackadaisical disposition. For those of whom intend to use this clinical detox phase as a launching pad for subsequent drug rehab or sober living, this withdrawal effect can have serious long term implications. Given that the early treatment process is not much fun to begin with, having the added hurdle of melancholy, depression, anxiety and sleeplessness from marijuana withdrawal simply adds a largely avoidable complexity.

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[ REVIVE Treating a Maximum of 6 Patients at a Time ]

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Combining Medication and Holistic Approaches for Marijuana & THC Detox

Revive has set itself apart as being a leader in full-scale drug and alcohol detox services, and this reality extends far beyond Los Angeles, California. Among the many reasons behind this is the fact that we have the resources and expertise in providing a much broader, and ultimately, more effective approach toward detox from a long-term recovery and treatment perspective. Taking a closer look at detox from marijuana and THC, we create a full-spread regimen that consists of holistic, dietary, physical and emotional & psychological components that truly address the matter on a multitude of levels. Though we offer a fully customized approach based on the client’s individual needs, a general overview of Revive’s detox services consists of:

  • Medication assisted therapies as needed
  • A nationally acclaimed team of substance abuse & detox physicians
  • Holistically based service (acupuncture, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian specializing in addictions & detox
  • Chef prepared meals that meet the needs of your detoxing body, yet comforting and delicious
  • Specialized supplements
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • Family support & guidance
  • Continuation planning and ongoing recovery support services

Keep in mind that while Revive only uses EMT’s and RN’s as the daily support staff, the vast majority of drug rehab centers as well as many other detox facilities, do not. In fact, the most common type of daily staff support personnel in those facilities often consists of nothing more than “techs” with little or no training whatsoever. Given the seriousness of drug addiction and the withdrawal process in general, we find that to be far insufficient with respect to the patient’s best interests. Detoxification from drugs and alcohol is an in-depth process and unique to each individual patient. It merits assessments, professional oversight and protocols that should only be directed by highly experienced treatment professionals with specialized credentials from such oversight bodies as, FDA, NIDA, ASAM and others.

Many individuals arrive here with complex addictions that involve variations of drugs. Whether yours is strictly with respect to marijuana and THC or far beyond, rest assured that you are in excellent hands! As a leader in  addiction treatment and holistic approaches within the scope of detoxification, Revive’s West Los Angeles, CA facility is here for you 24/7! We have a maximum client count of 6 and maintain an ongoing client to staff ratio of 4:1.

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