An Optimal Detox Approach for All Variations of Crystal Meth

For those of whom are local to Los Angeles and Southern California in general, methamphetamine addiction is a commonplace reality. Another commonplace reality, unfortunately, is the fact that many addiction detox centers fail to meet the patient’s needs when it comes to withdrawal from crystal meth, speed and other similarly categorized stimulants. We say this because, while many detox facilities focus entirely on the brief withdrawal period, they often overlook the end goal of creating a formidable foundation that will best serve the client’s ongoing recovery efforts.

Methamphetamine detox requires a different approach than that of other drugs such as, opiates or benzodiazepines for instance. Often referred to as “meth, crystal, speed, etc.,” this widely abused drug has unique characteristics that are known to cause longer-term changes in the addict’s brain. Whereas the initial withdrawal period offers fewer physical symptoms, the long term psychological impact tends to be far greater than other commonly abused drugs. As such, Revive employs a very unique and highly effective detoxification regimen for patients with methamphetamine dependence.

Understanding How to Detox from Meth Effectively…

The detox process from speed/crystal has much less to do with medication assistance and more to do with support, nutrition and emotional, holistic and physical re-centering. Regardless of whether the patient ingests intravenously or by smoking or snorting, the overall effect is such that, this initial withdrawal process must exist on numerous levels in order to best position the client for long-term success. Our focus here at Revive is to utilize this time as much more of a launching pad into sobriety that just another “detox vacation” so commonly seen elsewhere.

Our detoxification process from methamphetamine and other such stimulants is is very integrative and incorporates such things as:

  • A highly acclaimed team of addiction detox experts and support staff
  • Holistically based service (acupuncture, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian specializing in addictions & detox
  • Nutritious balanced meals that meet the needs of your detoxing body, yet comforting and delicious
  • Specialized supplements
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • Family support & guidance
  • Continuation planning and ongoing recovery support services

When it comes to determining which type of detox environment would be optimal for your needs, it largely depends upon the level of care required. When considering detox in a typical drug rehab type setting, a common question to ask would be, “Does my condition require the care of an expert?” And while certain withdrawals are not considered life-threatening, even though the physical symptoms might feel as such, other withdrawal process actually can become life-threatening if not performed to certain standards.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why Revive attracts clients on a national and even international level. Whether it has to do with our highly acclaimed team of experts, or the fact that even our day to day support staff are nothing less than medically trained, being at Revive is far more than simply a detox process. Our highly individualized programs are designed to harness a multitude of powerful tools that combined, will enable the client to use this brief period of time as the launching pad into lifelong sobriety! We are a “Results-Based” program that carefully balances addiction expertise with holistic approaches, all wrapped up with love, support, encouragement and realistic guidance.

Welcome to Revive…

The full scope of leading detox services for those seeking help with all variations of addiction to meth, speed, crystal, etc…call today and create a new launching pad into quality, lifelong sobriety!