7 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Drug Detox Without Support

Drug addiction withdrawal symptoms can be severe, coping may not be feasible without proper medical supervision performed by a certified medical staff.

Addiction withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and psychological and are often accompanied by strong cravings to use or drink more. The goal of medically assisted detox is to stabilize the individual physically and provide emotional support while surrounded with others going through the same or a similar experience. Medical detox from drugs and alcohol should most often be conducted within either an inpatient treatment program, a hospital or a free-standing medical detox facility.

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What is Medication Assisted Detox and Why Is It Opposed

Those struggling with addiction deserve to be treated like any other patient with a medical disease and physicians are helping the nation understand…

One reason the Task Force encourages increased education and training for medication assisted treatment (MAT) is so that drug addicts can be treated in the same realm as others suffering from any other disease. MAT is defined by using conventional therapies in conjunction with medications that have proven successful at helping people struggling with substance abuse stay clean. It is most often used for those trying to stay off of opioid medications.

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