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Feening Meaning : Feen Drugs and The Urban Dictionary Definition

feening meaning
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Feening Meaning / Definition

“Feening” according to the dictionary definition is a slang term that refers to having an intense craving or urgent need for something.

Origin of the Slang Term “Feening”

The exact origins of the word “feening” are unclear, but it was often used as slang in the 1990s.

It seems to derive from the word “fiend,” which commonly describes the desperate behavior of a person experiencing withdrawal from substance abuse or drug addiction.

How Is “Feening” Used in Slang?

In slang usage, “feening” describes having an intense desire or craving for almost anything – not just drugs.

For example:

  • I’m feening for a piece of grandma’s famous chocolate cake.
  • Ever since binge watching that show, I’ve been feening to know what happens next in season 2.
  • As soon as I smelled those ribs cooking, I started feening for some.

So “feening” can refer to:

  • A powerful longing for food or drink
  • An eager anticipation and thirst for more entertainment media like TV, movies, video games, etc.
  • An intense craving for information, closure, understanding, or knowing what happens next

The term conveys desperation and urgency, like whatever is desired is absolutely essential and needed right now.


Is “Feening” Proper English?

No, “feening” is considered informal slang and not part of standard English. It emerged as popular youth slang in American speech.

Use of slang terms like “feening” are typically avoided in professional, academic, or business writing. But the word does serve a storytelling purpose in conversational English, quotations, or informal contexts.

Compare “Feening” to Craving, Jonesing, Hankering

While “feening” may sound unique, it joins many other English words that describe intense longing and impatience:

  • Craving – having a very powerful desire for something
  • Jonesing – slang for intense craving or desire, needing something desperately (originally related to drug withdrawal)
  • Hankering – having a strong desire, longing, or craving for something

So “feening for” means you intensely desire, badly crave or have a powerful “thirst” for something – so much so that feeling consumes your thoughts.

Using “Feening” in a Sentence

Here are some more examples of using “feening” in a sentence:

  • Ever since I cleaned out the fridge, I’ve been feening for the grocery store to restock it.
  • On a long road trip, we started feening hard for a rest stop as everyone got hungry and thirsty.
  • I always get excited feening over the dessert table at my cousin’s wedding receptions.
  • Binge watching shows can leave you feening to see the next episode so you don’t get a cliffhanger.
  • Birthdays have me feening for cake first thing in the morning.

Again, “feening” suggests an intense craving and eagerness for whatever comes next.

Feening and Popular Culture

Use of “feening” exploded thanks to hip hop music and youth culture’s slang adoption.

Rappers like Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and Young Thug talked about “feening” for things in their lyrics. Social media spread its use too.

So while still informal, expect to hear slang terms like “feening” in conversational English or pop culture references. It captures a feeling we can all relate to.

Signs and Symptoms of Feening

What makes “feening” different than just wanting or longing for something? A few key aspects:

  • Feeling consumed – Whatever you “feen for” dominates your focus and attention.
  • Urgency – the craving feels like a right-NOW need.
  • Obsession – the desire feels all-encompassing until satisfaction.
  • Impatience – you feel antsy and extra eager for the thing you “feen for.”

We’ve all experienced “feening” at some point:

  • Binge watching a show late at night when you have work in the morning.
  • Getting “hangry” when you feel like you’ll go crazy if you don’t eat soon.
  • Needing to get the latest gadget the day it launches.

“Feening” differs from everyday wanting because it FEELS completely necessary and non-negotiable. Indulging the craving becomes your top priority.

feening definition

Why Do People “Feen” So Intensely Sometimes?

Cravings this strong often come from:

  • Biological urges and needs (food, water, sleep, sex)
  • Addictions and dopamine-seeking behaviors
  • Boredom and need for stimulation
  • Escapism and coping mechanisms

But feening has social factors too. FOMO (fear of missing out) can make people desperately chase experiences, entertainment, and material possessions.

Social media adds fuel to feening. Content streams tap into our cravings for information and constant stimulation. Platforms use FOMO to make you feel “left out” and turn casual interest into URGENT craving.

What’s the Opposite of Feening?

If “feening” means desperately eager and consumed by craving, the opposite feeling means:

  • Satisfied and content
  • Patient and calm
  • Focused on essential present needs
  • Not distracted by urgency or antsyness

So instead of “feening” for quick entertainment, practice activities that satisfy more deeply – like being present with loved ones, expressing gratitude for what you have, or single-tasking instead of doomscrolling.

In Conclusion

The slang term “feening” vividly captures the feeling of intense craving and THE MUST-HAVE-IT-NOW urgency. That is the feening meaning / definition.

While informal, it pops up in conversational English, social media, music lyrics, and youth culture. Everyone feens now and then.

Understanding of feening and recognizing those dopamine-seeking behaviors makes it easier to prioritize needs over quick cravings instead.