Good and Bad Credit Finance Options for Drug-Alcohol Detox

For those with bad-poor credit or no health insurance, how can they best finance their medical detox stay when needing to overcome drug and/or alcohol addiction?

In 2008, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed which established legislation that required the insurance industry to provide the same amount of treatment for mental health and substance abuse as they provided for medical and surgical care. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act has now made health insurance coverage more accessible. It includes prevention, early intervention, and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders as an essential health benefit that must be covered by health plans that are offered through the health insurance marketplace. If you’re looking for a way to pay for medical detox, carefully evaluate your options and choose the one that makes the most financial sense to you and your recovery.

The cost of medical detox can be astronomical, especially when you don’t have health insurance. Or perhaps your credit has suffered as a result of your addiction? The following are four finance options:

  1. If your credit is bad, you still may have the option of borrowing anywhere from $500 to $5000. All that is required is a steady income and a valid checking account. Funds can be deposited as early as the next day and the application only takes a few minutes to complete.
  2. Those with all types of credit have the ability to apply for a loan of $1000 to $35,000. Once the application is complete, the company shops your loan to hundreds of lenders and you are subject to no prepayment penalties. Again, monies can be deposited the next business day.
  3. You can apply for a secured auto title loan which allows you to use your vehicle’s title for collateral in exchange for funding. You can borrow up to $50,000 based on the equity in your car. There are no loan origination fees and no prepayment penalties. You will have access to funds either the day of application or the next business day.
  4. There are those alcoholics and addicts that have managed to keep their credit intact or even have excellent credit. People must have good to excellent credit to qualify with a low debt to income ratio. Individual and/or joint applications for $5000 to $100,000 only take minutes to complete and have no loan origination fees and no prepayment penalties. Funds can be deposited the day of application.

Don’t let money stand in the way of getting the help you need!