Is Outpatient Drug Treatment as Effective as Inpatient Rehab

When you or your loved one is ready for recovery, learn the differences between outpatient drug treatment and inpatient rehab and what’s best for your situation.

Research consistently says that inpatient drug treatment is most effective. The longer clients are away from old people, places and things, the better. 30 days is not enough time away from home though obviously there are always exceptions (such as lack of child care, FMLA, and loss of health insurance.)

Inpatient drug treatment always has staff support round the clock so there is someone clients can talk to day or night. Most of the programs additionally have medical staff on site at all times as well. Oftentimes, when we attempt to process our emotions alone, we are left with black and white thinking, justification, rationalization, defensiveness, etc. which often leads to poor decision making. One of the best suggestions given is for clients to run their best thinking by someone else. Clients best thinking is what brought them to treatment and if they sincerely want to get better, they will try something else.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs mandate regularly scheduled drug tests. Think about it for a moment – when a client is in an inpatient substance abuse program, their access to street drugs, prescription medications and over the counter medications is unavailable. This doesn’t apply to those attending an outpatient program. While ultimately hurting themselves, it often makes them feel as though they can get away with something.

Once clients complete an inpatient program, it is hopeful they have gained the skills necessary for emotional regulation, mindfulness, thought stopping, etc. They learn to see how they can relate to others as opposed to compare themselves, telling them they aren’t as bad as their peers.

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