How Long Should I Be In An Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

With so many drug and alcohol addiction relapses, many wonder about what would be the most effective length of stay at a drug rehab treatment program…

Inpatient drug rehab programs vary in length depending on duration of drug or substance use, type of drugs/alcohol involved, underlying mixed diagnoses involved, age, and gender. It is important in residential addiction rehab to pre-screen those seeking sobriety for all the aforementioned details.

Entrance screening and detox are essential and will assist therapists in determining the length of stay necessary. This may vary from twenty-eight to ninety days. Inpatient rehab offers not only a safe path to sobriety but restricts the availability of drugs or alcohol.

Because in-patient drug treatment offers a stable environment, the risk of relapse is reduced. I believe the longer the treatment program – up to 90 days- the more effective. Shorter term programs may be effective for those who are in early stages of drug addiction or alcoholism, but for those having longer histories, longer programs are more effective. Medical and psychological therapy will be available and staff intervention will assist in determining underlying causes of the substance abuse. Again, intensive group therapy for a longer period of time allows more introspection and group feedback. Understanding the disease of drug addiction is essential for the addict. And that is not an easy chore.

Also, co-occurring disorders or diagnoses will certainly need the longer residential rehab and after-care. Psychotherapy in conjunction with addiction therapy may be necessary and that certainly will require more time in residential rehab.
Recovery from drug addiction or alcohol abuse is not an easy process and what may have taken years to develop is not a short term process. So developing a plan suggested by experts should be heeded no matter the duration.

Issues involving the cost of the program, insurance issues, or time away from home or jobs may dissuade some from longer substance programs, but hopefully these issues will be dealt with when considering the goal of sobriety.

Statistics inform us that 30 day programs are a good starting point, but the odds of recovery from substance abuse are greatly enhanced with 60 day programs, or more significantly, 90 day in-patient drug treatment programs.For more information on drug rehab and addiction treatment, please contact Revive Detox at (844) 467-3848.