Why Los Angeles, CA Has So Many Detox and Treatment Centers

From its close proximity to Mexico, to its high income areas, beautiful beaches and other reasons, Los Angeles, CA is a drug rehab and medical detox hub.

Los Angeles is known to have over 10,000 self-help recovery support groups on a weekly basis. Participating in medical detox and drug treatment in this area surrounds individuals with thousands of others in recovery within a short radius. California is the largest state per capita with medical detox and drug rehab facilities. As such, when drug addicts and alcoholics choose to seek help, it is not surprising that Southern California is the leading destination of many seeking help.

Medical detox facilities often bring in local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings from Hospitals and Institutions. Drug rehab facilities take clients off property to local AA and NA meetings, encouraging them to begin to build their own sober support systems.

Why does Southern California house so many treatment centers? The weather! This is one of the factors important to many when considering where they want to go to get sober. Being able to get fresh air and exercise is an important part of any recovery program. If individuals are able to do that in an environment they find personally healing, they are more likely to succeed.

As many know, Southern California is a diverse area. As such, so is the substance abuse treatment industry. Individualized programs are tailored to the needs of the person. Whether an individual is seeking and LGBTQ friendly program, gender specific program, trauma focused, dual diagnosis, First Responder program or any other specialty, Los Angeles, in particular, is the place the find it. Overall, California offers cutting edge treatment modalities only starting to be seen in other parts of the country.

Medical detox and drug rehab facilities in Los Angeles have established key relationships with aftercare resources locally so clients can smoothly and effectively follow up on their aftercare and maintain the healthy parts of their current home environments. Additionally, Los Angeles offers numerous sober living homes certified by the Sober Living Coalition allowing those not ready to return to their residence readily available.

So whether you live locally or out of state, Los Angeles is the mecca of detox and drug rehab facilities!