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New Services at REVIVE RECOVERY to Help with Your Addiction Recovery Process

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We’ve got some good news for clients and partners of Revive Recovery & Detox Services; Effective immediately, we are offering IV Hydration Pushes, ANS Testing and Blood Work/Lab Testing for organ function—complete with a full readout and interpretation.

These new treatment services solidify our position as leaders in our field—while significantly enhancing our level of care beyond any other detox and treatment facility in Southern California. This is in line with our stated goal to act as a catalyst for our clients’ sustainable/lifelong recovery from addiction and to help them attain Total Body Restoration.

Here’s What the New Services Offer

Revive Detox & Recovery Services is committed to continually improving and offering the highest level of addiction treatment to serve our clients’ needs. Whether it’s the incorporation of new evidence-based approaches or novel treatment modalities—we are dedicated to expanding our services and bolstering our clients’ experiencents in everything we do.

We fully expect these new services will help ease your recovery process while mitigating the risk of relapse even further. Let’s look at the specifics of each one in turn:

IV Hydration Pushes

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, people struggling with a Substance Abuse Disorder tend to lack the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence notes that the poor nutrition seen in addicts has physical and psychological implications that may impede recovery while promoting drug-seeking behavior.

Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy helps solve this malnutrition problem by delivering the necessary nutrients rapidly to support the patient’s recovery efforts. It is a unique treatment in which a qualified medical practitioner administers IV fluids packed with electrolytes and relevant additives directly into the patient’s bloodstream.

With an IV push, a catheter is attached to a vein—and a syringe is used to rapidly ‘push’ a dose of the fluids into your bloodstream. This allows our medical experts to deliver vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fluids in less than 10 minutes. By bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and placing nutrients directly into your bloodstream, IV Pushes avoid the hours-long delays of the digestive system absorbing  and dispersing those nutrients.

The treatment is virtually painless and it’s used along with other detox and addiction treatments to improve the recovery outcome.

Depending on the compounds administered, IV Hydration Pushes at Revive Detox can help flush toxins from the system/aid detoxification, boost immunity, minimize recovery time, reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms, and improve energy levels. Easing nausea, fatigue and brain-fog can reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body significantly.

ANS Testing

In its simplest form, Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) Testing is a diagnostic tool that looks at the communication of various body organs with the brain. Some of the physiological processes it monitors include metabolism, fluid/electrolyte balance, digestion, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, and sexual response, among others.

ANS testing offered at Revive Detox & Recovery Services is an effective way to identify health issues in recovering clients—helping optimize treatment and improving recovery outcomes.

Comprehensive Blood Lab Testing

Blood tests can reveal much about health and can identify complications early in the detoxification process—allowing doctors to promote optimal health and symptom relief. At Revive Detox, our comprehensive Lab Tests assess organ functionality that may have been compromised or harmed by drug or alcohol abuse (e.g., liver, kidneys, brain, heart).

Based upon your specific results—which are analyzed and interpreted by skilled medical experts—an individualized plan is then implemented to help restore your body to its optimal state using precise information as to what approach and support will most benefit you.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Detox/Treatment Services

Over the years, Revive Recovery & Detox has earned an outstanding reputation as the go-to Addiction and Alcoholism Detox center. We strive to remain the benchmark for top-tier Addiction Treatment facilities in California and beyond.

This reputation is the product of a highly-experienced and dedicated team of Addiction experts, a conducive luxury environment, a patient-centered approach to treatment, and comprehensive treatment services/therapies.

We incorporate both conventional Medication-Assisted Treatments and evidence-based approaches to achieve the best recovery outcomes.

Our array of Addiction Treatment services includes:

  • Brain Restoration Program: Revive Recovery & Detox Services offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Neurofeedback Therapy to speed up recovery and address brain dysregulations (e.g. Sleep Disturbances, Behavioral Disorders, and symptoms of Anxiety/Depression, respectively).
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: This is the use of specifically-prescribed medication such as Vivitrol or Buprenorphine to help suppress the negative effects of withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.
  • Nutrition/Nourishment: Diet is an important part of the Detox and Addiction/Recovery process. Your body needs the right nutrients at the right time to heal and achieve total wellness. Revive Detox offers chef-prepared meals and carefully-planned nutrition plans under the guidance of our highly experienced Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. We also offer holistic supplements—especially at the earlier stages of recovery—to help with whole-body health.
  • The Passion-Development Addiction Treatment Modality: Created by Dr. Ronaye Calvert-Conley, this unique approach helps foster an internal drive or motivation to keep clients on the journey towards Total Body Restoration. According to Dr. Ronaye, the Founder and CEO of Revive Detox & Recovery Services, “If we are not fulfilled and internally motivated in our lives, passionate about what we are doing and why, we simply will not stay sober.”
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: At Revive Recovery & Detox, we understand that Co-occurring Disorders—whereby a Mental Health problem occurs alongside a Substance Abuse Disorder—are more complex and necessitate specialized treatment by a skilled medical team. We offer individualized and integrated treatment programs to address Dual-Diagnosis issues compassionately and comprehensively.

In other words, we provide the full scope of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Detox services.

All of these detox services are hinged on the capabilities and compassion of our highly-qualified team of professionals. We make a point of treating each client individually by addressing their unique needs and characteristics.

Remember, Revive Detox & Recovery Services is dedicated to ensuring a feasible, comfortable, and safe detox experience for our clients. Our clients are our #1 priority—and we’re there for you 24/7. For more on the new services or any other query, feel free to call our helpline at (844) 467-3848.