Private Medical Detox for Drug Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

I need help for alcohol and drug addiction but how do I get private medical detox in Los Angeles, CA that’s upscale, effective and helps with relapse prevention…

When a client approaches me asking for help for alcohol and drug addiction, a typical set of questions are initially asked. Clients are asked about their drug addiction history, substance abuse treatment history, attempts at sobriety, employment status, and willingness to name a few. As a clinician, it is important to determine the level of care that the client will most likely benefit from given his/her current circumstances. There are times when private medical detox is the most logical course of treatment.

There are currently 33 drug addiction medical detox facilities in Los Angeles, CA. They differ tremendously based on services offered, medical methods of detoxification and whether or not they offer relapse prevention services. Would I ask questions before agreeing to enroll in a private medical detox program? Absolutely!

Some of the questions clients may want to consider asking are:

· What does the medical detox protocol look like?
· How often will I see a physician or ARNP? What other clinicians are on staff?
· Do you assist clients in identifying a personalized relapse prevention plan?
· Are you a proponent of medication assisted treatment long-term?
· What is the difference between a private medical detox versus other forms of treatment?
· What is the typical length of stay?
· What is your success rate?

Many clients feel most comfortable in an upscale, comfortable environment where they receive personalized care and are not treated with a cookie-cutter approach. Revive Detox offers the comforts of home and a high staff to client ratio. For those seeking a luxury addiction and treatment experience, Revive is located in the beautiful area of West Los Angeles, CA. This facility caters to a unique demographic, providing a higher level of clinical care with a 4:1 staff to client ratio and provides the finest in amenities and luxurious comforts.

If you are looking for medical detox or drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one in the Los Angeles, CA area, we would be more than happy to answer your questions when you call (844) 467-3848.