Top Quality Medical Detox & Addiction Treatment in California

Finding a drug rehab in Southern California that offers luxury, private and holistic recovery services without forsaking quality, effective addiction treatment

You are serious about your need for drug rehab, but you want an addiction center in the Los Angeles area that’s private. You want the highest-quality medical detox, but you want it coupled with a holistic approach—diet, exercise, lifestyle. You get that this is drug rehab; still, you wouldn’t mind a little luxury, such as a spa-like setting that is calming and nurturing.

5 things to seek in an addiction treatment center:

  1. High-quality health care. Not every drug rehab uses health professionals, like registered nurses and EMTs to manage addiction treatment. But detoxing from drugs and alcohol is serious business. For your health and to ensure your success, choose a drug rehab staffed by trained and licensed professionals.
  2. Location. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’ll likely want to seek drug rehab here, too. That way, you’ll be near to your family, who’ll be able to join you for structured, therapeutic family visits. But if you live elsewhere in the country, know that L.A. is renowned for the superb quality of its addiction treatment centers.
  3. A private environment. Addiction treatment is time for yourself, a time to retreat from the pressures of work, public life, and the rest of the world. Plus, privacy matters to you. You need to detox and recover in a private setting, in which the professional staff is completely discreet and wholly focused on your well-being.
  4. Holistic approach. Lots of addiction treatment centers will call themselves holistic, but a true holistic approach is one that combines conventional and complementary therapies to ensure success. A holistic approach uses medical expertise to monitor detox from drugs or alcohol, medication management, psychotherapy, and complementary therapies like acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy as part of treatment and managing side effects during drug rehab.
  5. Luxury. Yes, drug rehab in an addiction treatment center is exactly the right time to focus on nutrition and exercise. Chef-prepared meals, fitness facilities, entertainment and leisure, and outdoor experiences support improved well-being, lift your mood, and refresh the spirit. The luxury of your surroundings—the little things like hotel-quality bed linens and elegant place settings—really matter, too.

Even when seeking drug rehab, you can find an addiction treatment center that meets your standards—one that uses a holistic approach to deliver proven results, coupled with luxury, all in a private Los Angeles-area setting. For more information, contact Revive Detox 24/7 at (844) 467-3848.