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Flexeril and Cyclobenzaprine: Misuse, Risks, and Addiction

Flexeril Cyclobenzaprine High

Are you, or someone you know abusing Cyclobenzaprine to get high? Drugs like Flexeril are commonly misused recreationally and can lead to addiction. Drug addiction can come in many forms from a variety of sources. Though some addictions start on the street, many begin within the home with prescription medications. Addiction research estimates that 18 million … Read more

MDA Drug vs MDMA Drug : The Difference Between Molly & Sally

mda drug

Recognizing the differences and similarities of MDMA and MDA DRUG can be vital in identifying addiction. These street drugs are commonly used by young adults and teenagers.  MDMA and MDA drugs are accessible as a tablet and can be acquired for $20 to $30 on average. MDA Drug vs. MDMA Drug: Knowing the Difference and … Read more

Trazodone High : Risks and Side Effects


Like all medications, Trazodone can be helpful for certain conditions but can also be open to abuse. It may not be the first drug that comes to mind when you think of drug misuse, but a Trazodone High can be just as potent as any other. It’s a relatively common misconception to associate drug abuse and the … Read more

Methocarbamol Addiction: Side Effects, Risks, and Treatment Options

methocarbamol addiction

While methocarbamol addiction is rare, the dependency behaviors it creates can make a person vulnerable to future substance misuse and abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), it is estimated that over 1 million people in the United States abuse methocarbamol each year. Methocarbamol is a Schedule IV controlled substance, which means that it … Read more

Whippets Drug: The Hidden Danger of Inhalant Abuse


Inhalant abuse, with a focus on the notorious “Whippets drug,” remains a deeply concerning issue often underestimated and overlooked. Despite its alarming prevalence and shocking statistics, public awareness of this hazardous practice remains surprisingly low. This article aims to bring to light the realities of “Whippets drug” and the forgotten epidemic of inhalant abuse, urging … Read more

Life Expectancy with Fatty Liver Disease

Life Expectancy with Fatty Liver Disease

Living with fatty liver disease can be a matter of concern for many individuals. Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a condition characterized by the accumulation of fat in liver cells. While excessive alcohol consumption is a common cause, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has also become increasingly prevalent due to factors … Read more

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Urine / System? What’s The Truth?

how long does alcohol stay in your system

If you consume alcohol, you’ve probably asked the question – how long does alcohol stay in your system? Or, more specifically, how long does alcohol stay in your urine? So, what is the truth? How long does alcohol stay in urine before it can’t be detected, and how long does it take for alcohol to leave your system? These questions … Read more

Suboxone Withdrawal: Timeline and Symptoms

suboxone withdrawal symptoms

Table of Contents One effective way to curb the opioid epidemic is through the use of medications like Suboxone as part of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program.  But if you ever feel the need or want to get off of Suboxone what does Suboxone Withdrawal look like? More than 2.1 million people in the U.S. … Read more