Battling Depression on the Road to Addiction Recovery – How to Win the Fight

depression and addiction

Many addicts in America today also suffer from major depressive disorders. Battling depression and addiction can seem like an insurmountable task – how can you know if what you’re feeling is a result of your addiction or caused by your depression? What happens if you suddenly feel depressed during your recovery?

Let’s take a look at what exactly depression is, how it relates to your addiction, and what you can do to cope with depression on the road to recovery.

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Choosing Inpatient Medical Detox Over Non-Medical Could Save Your Life

inpatient medical detox

Partnering with a medical detox center is one of the best ways of ensuring your future sobriety and your safe recovery since they employ expert staff and use only the finest medical monitoring equipment. However, not all detox centers come with the same ability to safeguard you against some of the dangerous complications due to … Read more

The Surprisingly Deep Link Between Trauma and Addiction

trauma and addiction

Addiction is an incredibly complex disease. Not only does it directly impact the health and function of the physical body, it also influences the intellect, emotions, personality, and even the moral reasoning of an addict. In a sense, addiction has the ability to change who you really are. Genetics, environment, mental health, and a variety … Read more

Why Detox and Withdrawal from Opioid Drugs Is Often Fatal

opioid drugs

Opioids are some of the most addictive drugs on the face of the planet. In fact, studies have estimated relapse rates for opioids like heroin to be as high as 91% in some cases. But these substances aren’t just incredibly addictive – they’re also exceptionally dangerous. And if you’re planning on detoxing from these powerful … Read more